About Us

Our Story

After having spent almost two decades in the industry, manufacturing precision components for engine applications, a coastal cycling trip in Konkan – Maharashtra in 2009, attracted us to this ‘engines-less’ vehicle which was a prime mover for enjoyment and exhilaration. The search began for such bicycles which would not just serve as a mode for going from Point A to B but would combine the flavours of smooth ride, whiff of the fresh air, pumping of a healthy heart and tone of the working muscles. An addiction which would have no legal prohibitions but, rather a prescription to good health and fun. We visited some of the major Cycle Shows in the world and met numerous bicycle companies. With no experience in the bicycle business, we had no answers for the big brands who asked for our sales channels, number of containers per year and marketing strategies. We could just tell them that we were passionate cyclists and were interested in getting good bicycles to India. Finally, a brand who proudly printed “German recision Design” on their bikes trusted us for our intentions and we started importing a few bicycles at a time. We assembled these bikes in our garage after office hours and on weekends and started selling them locally. This is where our bike business was born and we still continue to operate it as our retail outlet. The next five years we literally got the bikes “Out of the Box and into the life” of hundreds of eager cyclists in India as we slowly started reaching out to dealers across the country. Our goal was to be a partner through all the rides of our customers and we endeavoured to equip ourselves with all the crucial parts and accessories to ensure that the rides went uninterrupted. Over the years we have expanded our family with many trusted partners. Our dealer family too keeps growing constantly with 200+ dealers across India.​

Our Goal

We deal in products that we personally rely on for their quality and believe in a service that makes us a preferred supplier for our dealers. Our goal is to serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our dealers by making available reliable quality parts and accessories for bicycles, and yes great quality bicycles goes without saying!

We are in this because of our passion for riding and focus on ‘no compromise on quality’ products and we continue to grow with new partners and new products.