Bike products for everyone

Cleaners, degreasers, wet lubes, dry lubes, oils, polishes

Bikeworkx is the birthchild of a bunch of rad chemists with a massive passion for riding bikes, utilizing their decades of experience to create bicycle care products that enhance the performance of bicycles and extend their life span, while being affordable for every rider from every background. 20 years into our mission we are still 100% family owned and run, still driven to constantly improve the performance and eco-friendliness of our products, still convinced that big marketing campaigns and flashy colours don’t make up for a lack of performance.

Innovative range of bike care products with unique formulas thanks to decades of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. We are a leading producer of specialty lubricants for bicycles that withstand the fiercest of conditions over extended periods of time complete production maintained in the Czech Republic. We are 100% family owned and run, which makes us more flexible to adapt to custom requests if desired our products are developed at the BWX Laboratory in collaboration with pro MTB racers and freeriders internationally recognised brand (exports in Europe, America, Asia, Australia) we offer a broad and steadily growing portfolio of biodegradable products. We provide extra-large packaging units of our key products for workshops