Pure head protection Made in Germany.

Much like many other companies, KED started out in a garage. Its founder Hans-Georg Knauer, who sadly passed away in December 2017, launched a small plastic processing company in Freiberg am Neckar in 1985. Eight years later, in 1993, his daughter Doreen Knauer joined the management and DHG Knauer GmbH was established.
The business produced helmets and helmet system components for other brands until 1995, when the company finally created its own brand: KED. The team in Freiberg put all their energy in developing this brand, which was first presented to the public at the Eurobike 1995 convention.


Ensuring the safety of the littlest bikers on the roads has always been a great passion of the KED team. Helmets can only protect children’s heads if they are worn. Our cool designs and perfect handling have motivated countless children to wear their bicycle helmet, even without presenting any pedagogic arguments. KED has established itself successfully in professional competitive cycling, too, thanks to its lightweight products and effective ventilation systems: the German mountain biker Moritz Milatz sported the Trail on model at the Olympics in Rio. We have already launched a range of progressive helmet systems for urban environments to make the future of e-mobility safer for commuters and leisure cyclists. Since 2012, we have provided innovative head protectors for horse riders.


Today, our company consists of 120 employees who produce helmets for cyclists and horse riders in a factory spanning more than 10,000 square metres. KED is a truly authentic manufacturer’s brand. It has a vertical range of manufacture of 95%, making it the only helmet manufacturer that produces almost every helmet in its own factory in Germany. Visitors to our facilities are frequently surprised to find that everything happens under the same roof: from the application to foam lining to the inner helmet shell to the final assembly and the production of minuscule, injection-moulded parts. On top of our internal quality assurance systems, the MPA Stuttgart supervises our production constantly. All materials are screened for hazardous substances.