Bring movement to the forefront

Imagine how bikes can lead to a healthier, more connected world.

At Saris we don’t just imagine a more bike-able world.
As cyclists, we ride side-by-side with other riders, racers, commuters and enthusiasts as part of one bike-loving family.
As advocates, we invest our time and resources into making the city streets, county roads and bike paths safer and more plentiful for all.

As a company, we produce racks that allow people to bring a bike and explore their surroundings wherever they go. We develop trainers that let cyclists build and maintain fitness in preparation for upcoming pursuits.
We create the infrastructure, communities need for their citizenry to ride, park and service their bike.
And we push the limits of what’s possible to provide solutions and improve the experience of all types of cyclists.
We do it from our home in madison, WI, USA, where the vast majority of our products are build and backed by us.
Because we’re on a mission: to set everyday cyclists free to explore without limits. And we’re going by bike.